Q: Why should I select the items on the menu?
A: You select your favorite dishes / drinks so you order more easily when you are ready. After you enjoy your meal you can rate each selected item.

Q: Why should I rate the selected dishes / drinks?
A: There are 2 reasons: your rating help us improve the items on our menu and future guests can take your advice on what to order.

Q: Why can I not rate a dish / the service / the ambiance? I keep getting the message "We invite you in our location and to use our free WiFi."
A: In order to avoid fake ratings and to keep the ratings relevant we allow only guests who check in to our restaurant to rate the items on the menu they served. You can check in by using our free WiFi, or if the GPS of your smartphone detects you on location.

Q: How often am I allowed to rate a dish / a drink I served in your restaurant.
A: You can rate only one time an item on one visit, however you can change your rating before you leave the restaurant if you wish. On a second visit you can rate the same item again.